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For questions just call our studio phone on 07487 581683.

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For questions just call our studio phone on 07487 581683.

For a same-day quote send us an email below.

Printed Vinyl Wall Murals London | Outdoor Brick Wrapped Wall Murals

Blank walls offer huge potential and we’re here to help fill them with colour!

Whether it’s for business signage, commercial spaces, public venues or museums.

Inside and out, murals are a fantastic way to integrate beautiful imagery with everyday life.

Printed and wrapped vinyl murals for outdoors

What better way to communicate with the outdoor world than with printed vinyl murals.

Outdoor vinyl murals can be heat applied which means that they wrap and cling to the surface that they’re being adhered to. This means artworks become fused to brick walls and many other non-smooth wall surfaces.

Heat wrapped vinyl mural
Heat wrapped printed vinyl mural to exterior building

Integrating a mural like this gives the illusion of a hand painted mural, without the need to spill a drop of paint.

What are the limitations for printed vinyl murals?

From smaller signage through to full building sides, you’ll be glad to hear size is not a limitation for you.

There are some other factors to consider and we’ll break these down briefly here and link to further reading below:

Since most of what we do is very bespoke, solutions to tend to be site and case specific. Our studio team is always on hand to advise, direct and work with you to find the best outcome!

  • Surface quality can affect the adhesive strength of the vinyl, the best surfaces are in sound condition and free from dirt and grime.

  • Duration of vinyl murals can be hard to predict because of external factors like weather, but we have both long and short term options.

  • Budget can often dictate the size of a mural - if you’re working to a budget we can usually offer solutions.

  • Creatively you are only limited by your own imagination. We can design, connect you with artists and gladly accept files that are ready to print and install.

Wall vinyl mural in London
Vinyl Mural installed to smooth exterior facade

What surfaces can a printed vinyl mural be applied to?

Typically the smoother the surface, the easier the application. Thankfully the vinyl we use is capable of conforming with heat and fusing itself to textured surfaces like brick, painted breeze blocks and other non-smooth surfaces.

From smooth marble walls and glass windows right through to brick surfaces - we can wrap murals to many exterior surfaces - just like the image above.

Large Format Vinyl Mural to outside of building

How long do outdoor murals last?

Outdoor brick wall murals using printed vinyl can last up to 5-10 years and depending on your requirements we have options for short term vinyl murals as well as more permanent options.

Duration of outdoor printed murals can depend on a number of factors. The quality of a wall itself and the wall's exposure to the elements play an important role in the longevity of printed wall murals.

Our vinyl wall murals are always laminated to provide protection for the printed artwork and this does help extend the life of outdoor murals.

We can also provide an edge sealant for exterior murals which assists in keeping the outer edges of the vinyl from allowing weather to interfere with the stick of your artworks.

How much does an outdoor mural cost?

Printed vinyl wall murals do tend to come in a little less than that of having a mural professionally painted on your walls. This of course can depend on artist costs and time - which are often more intensive than with installing vinyl murals.

Since the vinyl installation is so swift, it’s often an attractive solution for many projects.

Vinyl is also a great option when permission for a painted mural will not be granted - particularly for rented office space and protected buildings.

Vinyl wall murals can provide a very similar visual effect to that of a painted mural, though where more permanence is preferred - we do also have an experienced paint team on hand for hand painted murals.

Mural for Lakwena on Brick
Hand Painted Murals: Hand painted mural installed to brick

Interior painted office mural for Nike
Interior Combination Murals: Hand painted mural with cut vinyl doors

Hand painted mural on vinyl
Temporary Murals: Hand painted mural on short term outdoor vinyl

Choose Love vinyl mural for shopfronts
Exterior Shop Murals: Vinyl applied to walls, columns and glass


How do I get a vinyl wall mural installed on a wall I have?

Upgrading your wall spaces is a lot easier than you might think! Contact us below and we can get the wheels in motion to transform your surroundings into works of art.

We design, print and install vinyl murals all over the UK.

Have an artwork already? Great!

Please send that to us with photos of the walls to our email below and you’ll receive a same-day response.

Studio phone: 07487 581683

Studio inbox:

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