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What is DTM Printing?

Direct to Media (DTM) Printing is when we print directly to the surface of a material or substrate.

We can print on almost any flat surface up to 80mm thick.

Our DTM printer is the perfect tool to bring even more creative projects to life whilst encouraging the use of more eco friendly print materials.

DTM - Direct to Media Printing

UV Flatbed Printing capable of printing on almost any flat surface up to 80mm in height

1. Print on anything

Acrylics, polycarbonates, PVC, glass, aluminium, metal, polyester, foamboard, styrene, wood, stone and plenty more!

We can apply your images and graphics to substrates up to 80mm thick with a large print area to boot.

2. durable and Instant drying

Our direct to media printer uses UV LED curable ink which means prints are dry instantly.

DTM prints are durable and weather resistant with no need for lamination.

3. Large print area

Our direct to media printer has a print area of up to 2.5 meters by 1.25 meters.

Fantastic prints across the whole visual spectrum. Razor sharp single colour logo graphics, full colour photography, vibrant gradients and much more.

4. highest print quality

Our DTM printer prints with a newly developed 10 colour ink set which includes Light Cyan, Light Magenta and Grey for low graininess. It also includes Red for high vibrancy too.

With an almost limitless choice of materials, DTM Printing allows you to apply your artwork to practically any flat surface.

Print on to anything with our large format DTM printer. With a print area of up to 2.5m x 1.25m our impressive flatbed machines print across 10 colour inks on to substrates up to 80mm thick.

With such a wide scope for materials, you're now in the best possible position to align material tactility to your project requirements. Recyclable boards, reformed plastics, glass, wood and so much more!


Got a material to print on that's not listed? No problem! Give our studio phone a call, we'll be happy to help.  

Reap the eco benefits of Printing Direct to Media

A more sustainable approach to digital printing with solid curing UV inks, on almost any surface

Print on Acrylic

Print on anything up to 2.5m x 1.25m

Direct to surface printing in London

DTM Quotes

When you send an enquiry to us, you can usually expect a same-day reply.


For anything urgent, be sure to call ahead - if we can fit you in, we always will.

Our DTM service is a bespoke service and we tailor costs to your projects requirements.

Please include the following for quoting:

  • Sizes (height x width x depth)

  • Quantities

  • Materials - will you be supplying this or would you like us to? 

  • Artwork requirements - if printing with White / Varnish

  • Any deadline information

If you have your print files ready, send those to our inbox listed below. Alternatively, you can send all of this information to us in one email to our studio inbox:

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