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 Direct to media - Print on Wood

Large format printing direct to surface. Primed or uncoated, full sheets or artist editions!

Not quite what you're looking for?

Give our studio phone a call on 07487 581683 and we'll be happy to assist you.  

Popular sheet Wood to print on include:

Plywood, MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard), Solid Wood Panels and Hardboard

Our DTM print area is: 2440 x 1220mm

  • DTM printing on wood from £92 + VAT per square meter.

Printing on Plywood


Plywood consists of multiple thin layers of wood veneer bonded together with adhesive.


As a sheet material, plywood offers stability, strength, and a smooth surface for printing.


It's a versatile material but commonly used for signage, displays, furniture, artist editions and decorative panels.

Printing on MDF


MDF is an engineered wood product made from wood fibers and resin, compressed under high pressure.


It provides a smooth and uniform surface, making it appealing for high-quality printing.


MDF is quite popular for indoor uses, often seen used for wall art, decorative panels, signage, and furniture.

Printing on Solid Wood


Solid wood panels, cut from solid timber, offer a natural and authentic aesthetic.


They showcase the unique grain patterns and textures of different wood species - which is often the key reason for printing on wooden materials.

Printed solid wood panels are used for various applications, including artist editions, custom furniture, decorative elements, and high-end displays.

Printing on Hardboard


Hardboard, also known as high-density fiberboard (HDF), is a dense and durable wooden sheet material.


It's made from compressed wood fibers and resin.


Hardboard provides a smooth and consistent surface for printing and is commonly used for signage, displays, and decorative panels.

The big four

printing direct to wood

Printing on Wood

Printing on Wood.. you asked for it, you got it! Using up to 10 instantly cured inks we can print vibrant and durable images across any wooden substrate that take your fancy.

We can print surfaces up to 80mm thick and with the addition of white ink, we're able to produce fantastic images on darker surfaces too.


Got your own material to print on? Contact us below for a quote.

Printed without white base

Printed from £92 per sqm

Large format DTM printing on sealed or unsealed surfaces.


Weather resistant prints on wooden substrates up to 80mm thick.

Primed or unprimed up to 2.5m x 1.25m
UV Cured inks

Artist Editions, Printed Doors, Custom Tabletops, Exhibition Graphics, Wooden Signage and much more..


Info and FAQs

How does it work?

Our Direct to Media (DTM) Printer prints from above, so it's important that surfaces are flat to produce the best images.

The printer uses UV LED curable ink which is weather resistant and dries instantly.

What if my sheet wood is warped / not flat?

For best results, DTM printing requires flat surfaces to transfer images onto.


If a sheet is bowed, this can cause blurred images or 'print fuzz' where the surface is a different height to the measurement calibrated.

Talk to me about sizes.

Our Direct to Media (DTM) Printer has a print area of up to 2.5 meters by 1.25 meters.

Providing it's flat, we can print on to any wooden material up to 80mm thick.

What if I'd like my wood cut to a shape?

We can also arrange custom cutting for you using our local CNC partners.

Varnish and White inks.

We print using 10 coloured inks. Two of these include Varnish and White.

Printing with White means we can produce vibrant images on even the darkest of substrates. We do this by laying a white base down first.

The Varnish print head is also a fantastic addition. The Varnish layer can bring textural and spot gloss elements to your projects and at the same pass that the ink is laid.

Can I supply my own surfaces?

Yes you can! Supplying your own wooden substrates is no problem - spare sheets are recommended.



Arranging sample prints.

To arrange sample printing with us just get in touch using the contact form below or by calling the Studio Phone on 07487 581683.

DTM Quotes

When you send an enquiry to us, you can usually expect a same-day reply.


For anything urgent, be sure to call ahead - if we can fit you in, we always will.

Our DTM service is a bespoke service and we tailor costs to your projects requirements.

Please include the following for quoting:

  • Sizes (height x width x depth)

  • Quantities

  • Materials - will you be supplying this or would you like us to? 

  • Artwork requirements - if printing with White / Varnish

  • Any deadline information

If you have your print files ready, send those to our inbox listed below. Alternatively, you can send all of this information to us in one email to our studio inbox:


Our DTM printer is capable of applying white ink and this is an invaluable colour to lay down in many Direct to Media projects. Printing with white first allows us to add vibrancy and brightness to printed images since it will be given the brightest base to apply an image to.

Without a printed white base, your images take on the colour of the materials surface as its base colour and this looks particularly great with wood and metal substrates.

Printing on uncoated wood with no white base

Raw, untreated plywood

DTM without any base preparation can take on the surface qualities of the wood, highlighting the grain with a very soft matt surface to the print.

Printing with colour

By not laying down a white base, printing with colour using DTM takes on the texture and tone of the surface.

Crisp matt finish

Prints on wood with a light toned surface are bright and sharp.


Darker wooden substrates can sometimes benefit from a white base of approx. 15 - 40% white layer.

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