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Printed Vinyl Flooring London

Custom Printed Floor Artworks you can quite literally step in to; highly versatile, universally enjoyed.

Printed Flooring, what SHOULD WE KNOW?

We've split our Printed Vinyl Flooring section across 3 main areas. Here's a some general info that applies to them all.

Background image of colourful vinyl
1. Inside and outside

We can produce your Custom Printed Vinyl Floor stickers for both indoor or outdoor uses. It's important to specify as exterior projects require a stronger adhesive to stick to more rugged surfaces.

In either case, the smoother and flatter the surface, the better results you can usually expect from your printed vinyl flooring.

2. bigger is better

You'll be pleased to hear that there isn't a maximum size you can propose with printed flooring. We tile up, print and trim your designs so that in installation they are pieced together to create one continuous image.

We can also work to custom cut shapes too, which is particularly good for shaped floor decals.

3. duration matters

Duration of your printed flooring hinges on a few key factors. These include; the surface type, weather conditions and of course, the footfall they're likely to receive. 

For more details or just peace of mind, contact the Studio below for an estimate on lifespan.

4. Installed or delivered

Everything we produce, we also install.


This is particularly true of floor graphics and especially for external installations on more rugged terrain.

Just let us know if you'd like us to help install for you.

Custom Printed Flooring and Floor Decal Printing; a brief overview.

Custom printed Floor Stickers can be used for so much more than way finding and our clients have found plenty of really interesting and interactive uses for them.


We regularly produce custom shaped and printed graphics for floors both INSIDE and OUTSIDE.


Our Floor Prints are always laminated, making your graphics more durable whilst also non-slip.


Here are some studio articles we've written that you might find useful!

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