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Printed outdoor vinyl floor murals

Beautifully printed Vinyl Floor Murals, Public Artworks and Signage - any shape, any size!

Not quite what you're looking for?

Give our studio phone a call on 07487 581683 and we'll be happy to assist you.  

Printed Vinyl Floor Murals

We love printed exterior flooring! It's a superb solution for applying temporary artworks and graphics directly on to a variety of different flooring surfaces. We stock printable materials for applications on smooth floors like marble as well as more textural surfaces like concrete and asphalt.


Our outdoor floor artworks are laminated with slip resistant films which protect prints whilst also providing essential grip and water resistance.


  • Printed outdoor Floor Vinyl from £67 per sqm | contact us below for a quote.

R13 Rated Anti-slip laminate

Printing from £67 per sqm

Suitable for advertising in retail, exhibitions, festivals, trade fairs and more..


Our textured laminates have been tested for slip resistance with non slip safety classes of up to R13.

floor art

Custom printed Floor Murals and custom shaped artworks, supplied with non-slip laminates.


Info and FAQs

How long will my printed flooring last?

We've seen many of our external decals exceed far beyond their expected duration. In fact, several of our decals installed around Covid-19 are still standing years later. 


Outdoor durability always depends on the surface, weather conditions and footfall / mechanical load.

Our materials for external use are generally specced in good conditions to stand strong anywhere up to and around 1 year.

Is it easy to remove printed floor graphics?

In most cases, your printed floor graphics should lift up in strips relatively easily.


Being laminated means your prints will have less likelihood of breaking up in to multiple pieces.

For best results, pull up and away at a 45 degree angle.

Are printed floor artworks slippery?

All printed material we produce for flooring is laminated with a clear textured anti slip surface that has been tested and awarded a substantial anti slip safety class of R11 or higher.

Our laminates have a clear sandpapery finish that prevents slip hazards, even in wet conditions.

Prep for installing exterior floor vinyl

For external graphics to last, it's essential they are installed correctly - and of course, we're right here to help.

Before this though, please ensure surfaces are clean, dry and free from dirt, dust and any grime.

The cleaner the surface, the better the stick. So for concrete / asphalt, it's advisable to have floors cleaned as close to when the vinyl is installed as is possible.

Get A Quote

When you send an enquiry to us, you can usually expect a same-day reply.


For anything urgent, be sure to call ahead - if we can fit you in, we always will.

Our minimum order value is £45 + VAT - this tends to cover most smaller print jobs and simpler cut vinyl graphics.

Helpful info to include for quoting:

  • Sizes

  • Quantities

  • Material preferences (Matt paper, fluro yellow vinyl, textured fabric vinyl etc..) 

  • Whether you need your job installed

  • Any deadline information

Once we have this information, we'll ask that you send your artwork/design files to us. Alternatively you can send all of this information to us in one email to our studio inbox:

Printed Flooring Services
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