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 Direct to media - Print on Metal

Printing direct to flat metal substrates can offer much more than branded decor and signage

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Printing on Metal

UV curable inks create a robust and resilient bond with a wide selection of metal surfaces. 


Our UV cured inks have excellent resistance to fading, scratching, and weathering, ensuring long-lasting and durable prints, particularly on metal substrates. 


The inks adhere really well to the metal surfaces, resulting in sharp and vibrant prints with excellent color saturation.

Printing from £92 + VAT per square meter | Contact us below for a quote.

DTM Prints on oxidised copper

Artist editions with Oli Fowler

Diverse substrates with either full print coverage or exposed metal features.


Flawless matt UV printing on panels delivered or installed.

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications

Versatile, durable and strong aesthetic appeal make printing on metal suitable for numerous industries and creative applications.

Printing from £92 per sqm

Info and FAQs

How does direct to media printing work?

Our Direct to Media (DTM) Printer prints from above, so it's important that surfaces are flat to produce the best images.

Images are printed using our 10-colour UV LED curable ink which is weather resistant and dries instantly.

Can I supply my own metal materials for printing?

Yes. We always recommend having spares and arranging sample printing ahead of larger productions.

Talk to me about sizes.

Our DTM setup enables us to print sheet materials up to around 2440 x 1220mm in size.


Because of the weight and rigid nature of metals, we typically don't need to tape the edges down when printing Direct to Dibond.

Although edge to edge prints do need to allow for bleed within the design.

Can I print both sides?

If your metal sheet is flat, then yes you can! 


Fixing and application of printed metals.

Your choice of metal substrate will likely depend on the specific application, aesthetics, budget and function. This means there will be unique fixing options and applications to consider based on those choices.

Printing with Varnish and White inks.

We print using 10 coloured inks. Two of these include Varnish and White.

Printing with White means we can produce vibrant images on even the darkest of substrates. We do this by laying a white base down first.

The Varnish print head is also a fantastic addition. The Varnish layer can bring textural and spot gloss elements to your projects and at the same pass that the ink is laid.

Printing on Metal

Our Direct to Media (DTM) Printer utilizes UV curable inks renowned for their resistance to fading, scratching, and weathering. ​


When exposed to UV light, these inks transform into a solid surface capable of withstanding outdoor conditions. ​


The versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal of printing on metal make them suitable for numerous industries and creative applications.

DTM Quotes

When you send an enquiry to us, you can usually expect a same-day reply.


For anything urgent, be sure to call ahead - if we can fit you in, we always will.

Our DTM service is a bespoke service and we tailor costs to your projects requirements.

Please include the following for quoting:

  • Sizes (height x width x depth)

  • Quantities

  • Materials - will you be supplying this or would you like us to? 

  • Artwork requirements - if printing with White / Varnish

  • Any deadline information

If you have your print files ready, send those to our inbox listed below. Alternatively, you can send all of this information to us in one email to our studio inbox:

Print DTM Services
Popular metals to print on include:

Aluminium, Steel, Brass, Bronze, Zinc and Titanium.

  • DTM Printing from £92 + VAT per square meter. 

Our DTM print area is: 2440 x 1220mm

Signage and Displays


Printed metals are suitable for both outdoor and indoor signage. Most common uses for printing direct to metal include business signs, directional signs, point-of-sale displays, and exhibition graphics.


Since metal substrates provide durability and weather resistance they have the ideal characteristics for effective comms and brand promotion.

Industrial labels and Identification


It will come as no surprise that metal prints find many uses within industrial settings. They're ideal for applications such as machinery labels, equipment tags, and identification plates.


Often prints on metal are used to provide critical information, including product identification, safety instructions, serial numbers, and barcodes.


Unlike wood and other composite materials, metal substrates ensure longevity and resistance to harsh environments.

Artist editions and decorative applications


From special printed editions to printed elements for sculptures and decorative panels; There's a great deal of scope within creative applications with printing on metal.


Metal substrates offer a unique aesthetic appeal and we've seen some fantastic printed results on pre-treated metals via oxidation.

Product branding and Customisation


Printing on metal substrates allows for customization and branding on various products.


This can include metal container panels, promotional items, packaging materials, or premium gift items.

Some metals provide the perfect opportunity for premium and distinctive looking custom objects, enhancing the perceived value of the products at a fraction of the cost.

Architectural Elements


Metal prints find their place in architectural applications particularly when adding visual appeal and branding to spaces. Unlike vinyl applications, printing direct to metal panels adds a level of unmatched permanence while celebrating aesthetics that can appear insincere when printed to look like metals. 


Whether it's gracing building facades, interior walls, elevator doors, or signage systems, metal substrates offer a modern and sophisticated solution. 


With their contemporary appeal and long-lasting nature, they effortlessly enhance the overall look and brand image of architectural designs.

Automotive and Aerospace 



Similar to industrial labelling, printing on metals enables customization, identification, and branding on parts and components such as nameplates, control panels, dashboard panels, and interior trims for automotive and aerospace componants.

As we mentioned above, metal substrates ensure longevity and resistance to harsh environments making them an ideal surface to print on for industrial components.

6 great uses for printing direct to metal substrates

Printing on metal: 

 for both industrial + creative applications

From industrial labels and identification to artist editions and decorative applications

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