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Welcome to our studio blog; covering best practices, educational resources, tips and material information.

Experts in Large Format Printing and Creative Vinyl Graphics

For questions just call our studio phone on 07487 581683.

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For questions just call our studio phone on 07487 581683.

For a same-day quote send us an email below.

Printed window Vinyls | decals and cut vinyl for glass

Printed stickers, decals, graphics, transfers... whatever you call 'em we've got 'em!

Whether it’s for storefronts, commercial signage, public venues or galleries.

Inside and out, printed vinyl for windows are a great way to integrate brand messaging, promo info or artistic elements to glass panels without hampering natural light.

Printed and cut vinyl window graphics: a breakdown of terminology

Let’s start by breaking down some commonly used phrases and terminology which can sometimes make things a little confusing. 

The term ‘Window Graphics’ typically refers to a single-piece and full colour printed vinyl graphics that cover the majority portion of a glass panel. Big single panel.

Printed window vinyl covering glass
Printed Window Graphics - full window coverage in a single piece

On the flip side, ‘Window Decals’ tend to involve the full coverage of areas using small, cut graphics or individually cut text elements. Big panel, multiple vinyl stickers.

Cut vinyl decals on window
Vinyl Window Decals - Multiple smaller cut shaped vinyl assembled

These things said, the terms can be interchangeable, especially when designs can be a combination of both types or printed or cut vinyls. Here's an example of a combination of both:

Printed window graphics and decals
Combination of Printed Window Graphics and Window Decals

Both window graphics and custom decals are a super popular service of ours particularly because they are so versatile. Below we'll share a little more detail on some of these options to consider.

Window Graphics | attractive and cost effective

They’re an attractive and cost effective way to refresh store fronts and businesses, offices, public spaces and more. They’re a super practical way of providing both long or short term changes to the look and feel of spaces without the complexities of doing a total renovation.

Printed graphics are ideal for everything from promotional details, new products to decorative and public artworks from printed vinyl.

There are other fantastic benefits to printed vinyl window graphics including the ability to maintain natural light and not obstruct the view into stores that traditional posters typically hinder.

Printed one-way window vinyl for windows
Printed 'One-way' Contravision allows light to pass through small holes both inside and out

What options are there for printed and cut vinyl graphics?

We’ve applied vinyl to so many different surfaces with so many different requirements and purposes in mind. As you can imagine there are many approaches to vinyl.

With lots of options available it’s important you match the right approach that best fits your needs. 

Long term, short term, inside stick, outside stick, white-backing, translucent, solid colour, back backed… it’s important to get the details just right and these are things that when ordering online, you run the risk of chance-ing if your printed graphics will meet your requirements.

Printed window graphics can be used both indoors and outdoors. All of our printed vinyl for glass is laminated to protect and make your prints more robust. Learn more about caring for your vinyl graphics here.

We’ve a wide range of other products outside of just printed vinyl too. These includes custom shapes, solid colour vinyls, metallic effects like holographic, rainbow effects and colour shifting materials too.

With so many options, we’re always happy to advise and suggest the ideal options to match your projects.

So feel free to contact the studio for friendly expert advice and same-day quotes.

Any size, Any shape.

We stock hundreds of coloured vinyl on rolls which can be cut to your requirements. They’re great for graphic logos, layering as well as more traditional uses like opening times and other types of wayfinding information.

These rolls tend to be 120cm wide and can be cut several meters in length. Big or small, we’ve got you covered.

Printed vinyl is also hugely versatile regarding big sizes and custom shapes. We can cut these to any shape you like and if you’re unsure how to prepare your files for this cut path - we do also offer an artworking service to help get your files ready for production. Be sure to contact our friendly and helpful team for any advice on file prep.

Our vinyl rolls for printed graphics are also around 120cm and come in a wide array of different adhesive strengths and characteristics to best tackle whatever surfaces they need to stick to.

Are vinyl stickers simple to apply?

Application of your printed vinyl window graphics can be surprisingly straightforward.

Just peel off the protective backing and affix your window graphics to the inside of your window. Their design ensures that the sticker retains its shape once attached to the window.

Installation isn’t for everyone though - particularly for larger and more complex designs. We can install everything we produce and regularly take care of this for our customers and regular clients.

You can find out more about our Install and de-rig service here.

Installing window graphics in London
Vinyl installs all over London and beyond!

What's the durability of vinyl window graphics?

Here at Puck Studio, we prepare window vinyls with longevity in mind - with options for both short or long term.

The lifespan of printed window stickers typically depends on a variety of factors. These include the type of vinyl used, the surface and purpose and exposure to the elements.

Since we select materials based on your project goals, you can be assured that our experience speaks for itself in being able to match your requirements with the best fitting materials.

As an example though, monomeric calendered vinyl can endure for up to 5 years, while self-colored vinyl usually maintains its quality for about 5 to 7 years.

Most common faqs?

Is it easy to remove cut vinyl from glass windows?

We work with several galleries, retail stores and offices that update their windows quite frequently.


For glass, a window scraper and some adhesive remover spray will do the trick in releasing your vinyl from the glass.

A little bit of patience and a little bit of elbow grease. 

Does cut vinyl go on the inside or outside of the glass?

We answer this a lot and it’s largely down whichever is easier to access.

If your window is on the third floor for example, it will probably make more sense to have the vinyl installed on the inside.

Let’s say access is equally possible both sides.. well, then that’s just down to your personal preference.

How small is too small for cut vinyl?

This is particularly an issue for very small cut text, but does apply to highly detailed graphics too.

The smaller the detail, the harder it is to cut and prepare. It's also much trickier to then install.

We tend to advise that no part of your artwork is smaller than 1mm.


Print and cut window graphics for glass

How do I get a vinyl graphics printed and installed to my windows?

Upgrading your glass spaces is a lot easier than you might think! Contact us below and we can get the wheels in motion to transform your surroundings into works of art.

We design, print and install vinyl graphics all over the UK.

Have an artwork already? Great!

Please send that to us with photos of the walls to our email below and you’ll receive a same-day response.

Studio phone: 07487 581683

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